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At The Lee Clinic, our mission is to help you Feel Like Yourself Again.

We offer Patient Services at our 3 clinic locations, and Vitamins & Supplements and Organic Cosmetics which can be purchased on this site.

Patient Services

The Lee Clinic has been helping patients feel like themselves again for over 20 years.

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Vitamins & Supplements

Dr. Lee "One of the most common questions asked by my patients is “What vitamins and supplements should I take?” In order to find the appropriate answers, I spent many months researching vitamins made specifically for physicians, under the rationale that they would have the highest quality controls. I reviewed over 20 companies which produce physician grade vitamins and supplements. Ultimately I found the bestsources to be the following companies: Biotics Research, Prothera, Longevity Plus, Custom Compounding Optimox, World Health Products, and Advanced Bionutritionals. After years of testing patients for vitamin and nutritional deficiencies and reviewing the current literature, it is obvious to me that we are not getting the nutrients we need even if we eat a well balanced diet. It is also apparent over my 40 years of clinical experience and through reviewing the literature that many diseases are related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The goal of taking appropriate vitamins and supplements is to maintain health and wellness. These vitamins and supplements can be found in our online store."

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Organic Skin Care

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Organic Skin Care by The Lee Clinic provides all natural skin creams specially formulated by Dr. Lee.

Our Skin Creams are effective, safe, developed in a natural base and contain no harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde or petrochemicals.

Dr. Lee’s extensive research has defined the main natural nutrients that are needed to maintain and improve your skin health. 

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Decades of Experience

Dr. William Lee founded the Lee Clinic in 1993. After graduating from Creighton Medical School in integrative medicine and has been specializing in natural hormone replacement, and treatment of chronic diseases such as lyme disease, and since 1993. Learn more about Dr. Lee.