The Lee Clinic specializes in Anti-Aging treatments

We believe that our patients not need be resigned to the effects of aging. With the proper treatment, you "can feel like yourself again" as many of our patients have shared in testimonials.

Aging is driven by Three main factors

Aging is driven by 2 specific causes that need to be identified and addressed. They are:

  1. Hormonal decline
  2. Nutritional decline
  3. Inflammation

At the Lee Clinic, we work to address these causes with testing and treatment. We don't think you need to accept that there is nothing to be done about the way you feel and say “we are just getting old.”


For each of the main causes, The Lee Clinic offers treatments for each when testing reveals they are appropriate. In this way, you can have a comprehensive program that addresses the underlying causes of aging. The specific treatments are:

  1. Hormonal decline is addressed with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  2. Nutritional decline can be addressed with vitamins & supplements
  3. Inflammation- is approached first with testing to determine the cause of the inflammation and then treating that cause 

Once the main causes are addressed, The Lee Clinic provides an on going prevention program of hormonal support, nutritional replacement as needed, and protects against inflammation and toxins. In short, we want to help you live longer and happier.

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Dr. Lee

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The Lee Clinic has been helping patients feel like themselves again for over 20 years.

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