TLC Triple Action Vitamin C Serum

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Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and large contributor to beautiful, radiant looking skin.  However many people fail to get enough of it, resulting in a dull and dry appearance.  Fortunately The Lee CLinic, LLC now offers a serum that includes 3 separate forms of Vitamin C, which when combined are more effective than simply taking Vitamin C alone.
Nurture your skin with one of the most powerful skin care formulations available. Triple Action Vitamin C combines three forms of Vitamin C. This solution penetrates into the epidermis, improving collagen production and blocking skin-damaging free radical.  Leaves your skin refreshed and radiant.  
• Provides anti-oxidant benefits to fight
free radicals
• Helps stimulate a boost in collagen formation
• Helps brighten skin by suppressing
melanin synthesis
• Works with α –glucosidase to
increase the benefits of Vitamin C
Use Morning & Evening or as often as needed.
Anti-oxidants are abundant in many vitamins, especially in fruits and vegetables.  Our scientifically advanced formulations stimulate cellular renewal, repair damage caused by free radicals and provide significant age refining benefits.