• Physician's Omega 3 Soft Gels
  • Physician's Omega 3 Soft Gels
  • Physician's Omega 3 Soft Gels

Physician's Omega 3 Soft Gels



Highly purified and safe for daily use.  All impurities, including pesticides are removed through a distillation process.

Physician's Omega 3. 1000 mg (1 gram)


Heart health - increases HDL, lowers triglycerides, lowers high blood pressure, prevents plaque build up, reduces metabolic syndrome symptoms, prevents blood clots

Brain Health - Studies have shown that supplementing with omega 3's lessen depression, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Studies have also shown that omega 3's potentially have a neuroprotective effect towards dementia and even Alzheimer's disease.

Omega 3's also work as an anti-inflammatory, help relieve auto-immune disease symptoms and even prevents some cancers. The fatty acids support healthy joints, bones, healthy skin and better sleep!


Maintenance: 2 pills per day

High Cholesterol: 5 pills per day

Neurological and Brain Support: 10 pills per day


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