Weight Loss - Ideal Protein - Nutritional Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet, Ideal Protein

The Lee Clinic is an approved Medical Ideal Protein location.  This means that we are able to see all patients and even those with difficult diagnoses that non medical Ideal Protein clinics cannot treat. We have a great track record of success and are here to help you gain back your health. We emphasize that this is a protocol with a beginning and an end, and go further to support our patients to maintain their weight loss. We educate our patients on the importance of sleep, exercise, and proper macro and micro nutrients during and after the protocol. We also include information and the importance of techniques and protocols that can help them maintain their improved health parameters.  Some of these methods might include time restricted feeding, intermittent fasting, using exogenous ketones and paying attention to the body's natural rhythm as it relates to timing and content of meals.  While some of our patients may wish to continue with a nutritional Ketogenic diet for maintenance, others may choose another form of a whole food diet. 

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