TLC Physician's Vitamins and Supplements

A private labeled selection of vitamins and minerals manufactured to physician grade standards, and available only through physicians.

Our products are based on firm scientific foundation and medical research and are manufactured in a facility certified by both NSF (R) International, as well as by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as a 9001:2000 facility.  These certifications attest to the fact that a third party verifies manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution of dietary supplements consistent with standards proposed by the us Food and Drug Administration.  Customers are assured that our products have independent verification that products meet label content claims and do not contain contaminants such as unintended microbes or lead and heavy metals. 

Dr. Lee on Vitamins & Supplements:

Dr. Lee "One of the most common questions asked by my patients is “What vitamins and supplements should I take?” In order to find the appropriate answers, I spent many months researching vitamins made specifically for physicians, under the rationale that they would have the highest quality controls. I reviewed over 20 companies which produce physician grade vitamins and supplements. Ultimately I found the bestsources to be the following companies: Biotics Research, Prothera, Longevity Plus, Custom Compounding Optimox, World Health Products, and Advanced Bionutritionals. After years of testing patients for vitamin and nutritional deficiencies and reviewing the current literature, it is obvious to me that we are not getting the nutrients we need even if we eat a well balanced diet. It is also apparent over my 40 years of clinical experience and through reviewing the literature that many diseases are related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The goal of taking appropriate vitamins and supplements is to maintain health and wellness. These vitamins and supplements can be found in our online store."