Environmental Detoxification Protocol


If vitamins you desire are sold out or not listed, please call the office at 540-542-1700, as we have access to a large supply of other high quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins at that can be shipped directly to you.

This is a collections of specific treatments for specific environmental toxins. The Lee Clinic can test for xeno-estrogens (estrogen like compounds) found in plastics, skin creams, fertilizers, fungicides, and petrochemicals. These are known to increase the risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancers in women and prostate cancer in men. It is also implicated in the blood dyscrasias in children and adults. The toxins evaluated are phthalates, xylene, toluene, benzene, trimethylbenzene,  and styrene. If you have been tested for such toxins, the physicians at The Lee Clinic will give you a list of vitamins to help you safely remove these toxins, which are found here.

Please call 540.542.1700 or email contact@theleeclinic.com if you were instructed to use the below supplements as we do not have them online right now.

NAC (Acetyl L Cysteine) 500mg
E Mulsion 200mg
Glycine 500mg