• TLC Physician's Pregnenolone
  • TLC Physician's Pregnenolone
  • TLC Physician's Pregnenolone

TLC Physician's Pregnenolone

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Physiologically active pregnenolone, derived from natural diosgenin sterols, is micronized to a very small particle size to facilitate absorption. Popular 25 mg potency is provided in vegetarian capsules made of plant cellulose. 100 count.


Pregnenolone is used as a supplement to improve short term memory.  It is the first hormone made that then goes on to make all hormones (sex hormones, cortisol and hormones that regulate your salt balance). Only to be taken if blood levels of pregnenolone have been tested and found to be low.

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Take 1 per day in the morning or as directed by your physician.


This product was made in a GMP and ISO 9001:2008
registered facility.

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