Biofilm and its importance in the treatment of chronic diseases such as Lyme

We are history of our previous infections, both acute and chronic. These infections may be viral (mononucleosis), yeast (candida), or bacterial (strep. and staph.). We can also have a history of parasites (tape worms) and/or sprirochetes (Lyme disease). We have 10 times more microbial cells (from previous infections) in our body than human cells. Some of us have more microbial cells than others others , depending on our medical history.
This infection of microbial cells in our system communicate with one another and develop a protective defense which makes it difficult for anitbiotics to treat some of these difficult diseases. This protective film is a biofilm. It is a community of microbes that exist and adapt to remain alive. An example of biofilm in our bodies is the yellow plaque on our teeth.

Biofilm can make it 100 to 1000 times harder to treat an infection. The cells talk to each other and adapt to resist antibiotics and other treatments. If one microbe is killed, another microbe in the biofilm can rise up to take its place. This biofilm blocks the transfer of oxygen through the capillaries and can cause fatique in the patient.

A biofilm protocol has been developed in conjunction with Garry Gordon, MD. He is an expert in functional medicine and a practicing physician. The biofilm protocol must be individually based. The purpose of the biofilm protocol is to break down the biofilm over a period of three to four months to allow antibiotic or other treatements to become more effective. It is believed that after the biofilm is eliminated antibiotics have a better chance to be effective. Researchers have also found that antibiotics often don't work well in the presence of lead and mercury. The biofilm protocol addresses this issue.

Evaluations can be done with a combination of blood tests (Coagulation studies) Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxin Urine tests and GI comprehensive stool tests. After testing the program is individualized to meet each patients needs.

Following are some of the ingredients and their purpose in the biofilm protocol:

  • ACS Activated Silver - safely reduces the total body burden of all pathogens, bacterial, viral, spirochetes and fungal.
  • ACZ - Has Zeolite in nano (molecular) size for better penetration for the heavy metal component of the Biofilm.
  • Zeo Gold - Zeolite a natural micro particle that is a chelation agent for heavy metals and environmental toxins.
  • Bolouke - Breaks down the fibrin which is a critical issue in hypercoagulation and the creation of Biofilm.
  • Bio Energy C - Is high dose Vit C that is well tolerated as an antioxidant and is combined with Ribose for energy.
  • Beyound Fiber - Nutrient dense fiber, this removes the toxins and limits the "Herx" reaction.
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