Physician's Brain Boost

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Physician's Brain Boost is a healthy form of saturated fat.  It is more efficient at producing ketones for energy than is coconut oil.  Our product contains   100% Caprylic Acid Triglycerides ( C8) derived from coconut/palm kernel oil, and is free fr Brain Boost is used as an energy source by increasing production of ketone bodies.  Ketone bodies have been shown to cross the blood brain barrier, providing energy to the brain.  These same ketone bodies depress appetite. Studies have also shown that the efficiency of our mitochondria ( the energy producers in every cell)  is increased with the consumption of  MCT oils such as Brain Boost. With this increase in efficiency the mitochondria can produce more ATP with less oxygen, reducing the production of ROS ( reactive oxygen species)

For patients who are on a medically supervised diet, MCT added to the diet can reduce the "brain fog" associated with carb withdrawal and provide ketones in the blood to jump start a ketogenic diet. Another advantage is that because Brain Boost contains no long chain fatty acids, it cannot be stored as fat.

16 ounces 

Dosage- start with one teaspoon and progress  to one to three tablespoons as tolerated.  This product is gluten and dairy free.  MTC oil is non toxic and can be taken to higher levels. GI upset may result - so begin with the one teaspoon.