• TLC Physician's Progesterone Cream

TLC Physician's Progesterone Cream



Bio Identical Progesterone benefits for Women (Not Medroxyprogesterone acetate MPA which is a synthetic form of progesterone and which can have negative effects)

Product Details: Pump applicator contains 90 cc, 20 mg per pump


Bio identical progesterone cream addresses many "day to day" women's issues, including:


    Beyond the day to day issues, progesterone can help protect against long term issues such as heart attacks (the most common cause of death for women), as well as female cancers (breast, uterine and ovarian) and helps prevent Osteoporosis. In a recent study progesterone and estradiol were found to be neuroregenerative brain effects.


    If you are having periods: Day one is the first day of your cycle. No progesterone is to be used while you are having your period. 

    • 2 to 4 pumps days 5 to 14 at night for sleep.
    • 4 to 8 pumps days 15 to 28 for sleep
    • 1 - 8 pumps throughout the day if needed for headache, PMS, irritability and or anxiety

    If you are NOT having periods (menopause): 2 to 8 pumps at night for sleep, 2 to 8 pumps during the day for headaches, irritability and or anxiety, if needed.

    If needed increase the dosage by 2 pumps to alleviate your symptoms.


    Avoid accidental application to men and children

    IMPORTANT - Apply to the inner thigh and top of feet to avoid getting this cream on men or children.

    Finding the right dosage

    Progesterone works in about 30 minutes. Too much progesterone can cause tiredness, nausea or dizziness.  If these symptoms occur, cut dosage in half. If having heavy periods get pelvic ultrasounds.