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  • Neonatal Paraben Use and Childhood Obesity

    In a recent study, mothers who used parabens had children who were more likely to be overweight in their childhood years, and it was more common in the girls. The parabens in the cosmetic products were able to be directly measured in their urine. When they conducted this study with mice, they showed a higher food intake and more weight gain in female offspring, as well. With the mice, the effect was due to a genetic modification that changed their appetite regulation. View Post
  • Customer Testimonial: "The Best I Have Ever Used"

    The following is a testimonial from a customer. Browse our Organic Skin Care products here. The Lee Clinic Skin Care Line is the best I have ever used.  I had given up hope of finding a healthy line that ALSO made my skin look great.  I do not need to have expensive treatments at salons anymor... View Post
  • Customer Testimonial: "Nothing is comparable"

    The following is a letter from a customer. Browse our organic skin care collection here. I have been using Dr. Lee's Natural face creams and cleanser for 7 months.  His products are great.  I had problems with rosacea, age marks and now they have disappeared, and there no lines on my face.  The ... View Post