TLC Brain Boost is a medium chain fatty acid (MCT), that can be used immediately by the brain for energy and has the advantage (unlike long chain fatty acids such as olive oil) that it cannot be stored as fat. Using Brain Boost can help patients make the change from being only carbohydrate  burners to being metabolically flexible which is another way to say you can start burning your own fat! On our protocol you will deplete the  glycogen stores in your liver and your output of insulin will decrease as a result of your decrease in consumption of carbohydrates.  These two factors will allow your body to start making enzymes to put you in a fat burning mode. The transition from burning all carbs to being able to burn fat can take from three days to a week.

The Lee Clinic weight loss program puts our patients in nutritional ketosis and using Brain Boost can smooth the transition by decreasing brain fog and reducing hunger as it is an exogenous form of ketones.  

Brain boost can be used in your coffee, smoothies, or as a salad dressing and can be used for cooking as long as the temperature is not above 150 -160 degrees.   It is much better than coconut oil because it contains only C 8 and is therefore, ( unlike coconut oil ) pure caprylic acid. Many studies have demonstrated that  MCTS  are superior to olive oil in promoting  post meal thermogenesis (fat burning) and suppressing appetite.

The goal is to start with a teaspoon a day and build up to as much as one to three tablespoons per day. You should start slowly and build to bowel tolerance.

We recommend using this medium chain triglyceride throughout the protocol and in Phase 4 and beyond.