Feb 3, 2015 As reported in the New York Times today, all four of the above giants have received cease and desist letters that they stop selling many of their dietary supplements. Few of these products actually contained the ingredients on their labels, and even worse some of the products contained potential allergens not identified. Read the entire article.

This article underscores the importance of purchasing pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements.  All of the TLC Physician's products meet and exceed all of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards.  In addition these products are produced in licensed manufacturing facilities that strictly adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMPs) The facility is also approved by governmental agencies in the United Kingdom and the European Community. Active ingredients are selected based on their purity, bioavailability, documented actions and safety. Raw materials are only accepted from vendors who can provide detailed Certificates of Analysis for every lot of material.  All  incoming raw materials undergo quarantine, inspection, and evaluation.