Body Composition Changes after VLC Ketogenic Diets


In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology (which included twenty patients with a BMI of greater than 30) and lasted over four months, it was determined that the majority of the weight loss that occurred  while following this very low calorie ketogenic diet (VLCD )was found to be in the fat mass and visceral fat, and that there was preservation of fat-free mass (FFM) . Fat free mass is primarily muscle.  This is a great study which validates our protocol of Ideal Protein for weight loss.   Losing visceral fat is extremely important for reducing the inflammation that can lead to metabolic syndrome and a myriad of health issues including diabetes, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. It has been reported that losing as little as 10 percent body weight can improve your health parameters for up to a decade. It is also well documented that losing weight within a medical program such as ours which includes weekly visits with one of our health style coaches greatly increases the success of a weight loss protocol.  In addition we are now including a stabilization of weight protocol and are committed to following our patients for up to 12 months after they have achieved their weight loss goal.

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