Dr. Briffa writes:

"[There was] a study in which institutionalised Brazilian individuals aged 60 or more were treated with calcium, plus either vitamin D (D3) or placebo. Vitamin D was given at a dose of 150,000 IU once a month for two months, followed by 90,000 IU once a month for a further four months. Two muscle tests were performed at the start and end of the study. One of these tested the muscles that flex the hip (the motion of lifting the knee in the standing position). The other tested the strength of the ‘knee extensors’ (straightening of the leg at the knee). The calcium/placebo supplemented group did not see improvements in either of these two measurements. The group taking did:

  • Hip flexion strength increased by 16.4 per cent
  • Leg extension strength increased by 24.6 per cent
Both improvements were statistically significant."

Source: DrBriffa.com

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