The following is a letter from one of Dr. Lee's patients.

My sincere heartfelt thanks are extended to Dr. William Lee for the wonderful care I have received in this past year. I have been to many doctors in my never ending search for my weight problem. Most doctors seem to think that the only cause for being overweight is a direct result from over eating. This however, has never been my situation. I have always eaten the proper foods and amounts.....and the weight would continue to go up along with high blood pressure and severe numbness in my hands. Dr. Lee listened with great care and concern to my health issues, and after very thorough testing discovered that I have hypothyroidism along with hormonal imbalances which for years have prevented me from losing weight. The numbness in my hands was due to a lack of B12. The first office visit that I had with Dr. Lee, I remember showing him a list of all of the medicines that I was currently taking....he read over the list...and his kind and calm way..."I feel that we can get you off of some of these medicines" The medicines as I learned from Dr. Lee, were just masking my health issues, and were not being directed to the source of my problems.

It has been a year since I began my visits to Dr. Lee....I have lost over 35 pounds, my blood pressure is normal, and the numbness in my hands is gone. I have energy! I was also dependant on an inhaler four times a day. I have not needed to use the inhaler for a little over a year now. Five of the medicines on my original list I brought to Dr. Lee on that first visit....I no longer need to take.

Dr. Lee has helped me more than I could ever explain. Dr. Lee is just a phone call away, and is always available for my questions, which is such a great source of comfort.

Thanks be to God......and to my dear friend Dr. William Lee

Kindest Regards,

M. B.