I find in my practice that one out of two patients are deficient in magnesium.   This lack of magnesium is attributed to the development of several medical conditions. Some of these conditions include heart disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, fatigue.  There are many reasons for low magnesium levels, some of which include the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and some antibiotics and diuretics to name a few. The best way to raise your magnesium is to eat a diet of  magnesium rich foods such as spinach , kale and almonds.  However it can be argued that since magnesium is very depleted in much of our soil and our water - you could still be low in magnesium even if you ingest magnesium rich foods.  I suggest to my patients that they have their blood levels tested before supplementation.  The best way to augment your magnesium levels is through Magnesium Chelate and Magnesium Cream.  

William M Lee MD