We are pleased to announce 

The Lee Clinic Medical Solutions 

Skin Creams

Original -Organic -Safe

The Lee Clinic Medical Solutions (TLC Medical Solutions) was formed to develop products which are effective, safe and contain no harmful ingredients.

In an average day women apply more than 12 products containing over 120 chemicals to their skin, nails or hair.  Men use on average 6 products per day containing 80 chemicals. Many or even most of these chemicals are now banned in Europe.  Experts advise that both women and men should choose the products they used based on labels which have the fewest ingredients- and to stay away from any product which lists ingredients which you cannot pronounce.

 The top five harmful chemicals commonly seen in cosmetics are formaldehyde, dioxane, lead, parabens, toluene, and diethyl phthalates.

 Our skin creams have no harmful chemicals  and are developed in a natural base. Dr. Lee's  extensive research has defined the main natural nutrients that are needed to maintain and improve the health of your skin- without dangerous chemicals. We have developed three distinct products that may be used alone or in combination.

The natural base used in all of the products  consists of aloe, vitamin E, Urea, Water and Cellulose and contains no parabens, no ethylene glycol or estrogen like chemicals which may be carcinogenic.  This is a unique base, to compare, just review the typical ingredients in the products you now use which contain many chemicals that can be harmful.