The following is a letter from one of Dr. Lee's patients.

Dr. William Lee and The Lee Clinic saved my life. I am a recovering alcoholic with social anxieties and major depression. I have been working with a psychiatrist over the past three years, while getting very few positive results. My psychiatrist has had me try a variety of anti-depressants and anxiety reducing medications. I have experienced side effects of motion sickness, excessive drowsiness, insomnia, jitters, hand twitching, weight gain, and constipation, while still suffering from severe depression and social anxieties.

On my first visit to Dr. Lee, I filled out a questionnaire and Dr. Lee talked with me about my responses. Dr. Lee then prescribed three lab tests to evaluate my hormones levels. Once the test results came back, Dr. Lee took the time to review the results, explaining to me where my body showed either depleted, normal, or excessive differences from typical adults. Based on my lab results, Dr. Lee was able to make recommendation which helped me restore my body and my life. Within a month, I was feeling better about my self than I have felt in years.

Thank you, Dr. Lee and The Lee Clinic