The following is a letter from one of Dr. Lee's patients.

I'm 62 years old and I feel great! It wasn't always that way. For the past 15 years or more I have been overweight (5'4" and 200 lbs.) and extremly tired. I felt as though I was on a downhill spiral of gaining weight, always tired and depressed because of the way I looked and felt.

April, 2008 I went to see Dr. William Lee at the Lee Clinic in Winchester, Va., within 2 months of my initial visit I was feeling better, started to lose weight, as he had said I would. I now walk 2 miles daily, lost 15 pounds and instead of depression I am so optimistic about my future. I truly did not know how bad I felt until I started feeling better. And the best part of all this progress is...No Drugs!!!!!

W. K.