The following is a letter from one of Dr. Lee's patients.


My "journey" began when my husband came home from work one Friday, sat down in the chair, and gently said, "Honey, is it possible that you could be in menopause?" That dreaded word...MENOPAUSE! I set up the first possible appointment with my doctor. If I was showing signs of an attitude change I wanted to address it quickly.

A blood test quickly confirmed that I was "post menopausal". I had been on birth control pills without the once a month break, so I wasn't having periods anyway. (I was making ovarian cysts so this was the remedy.) Not too long after I went off the BCP's I started experiencing TERRIBLE symptoms!!! My bed was wet from sweat during the night - I frequently had to change clothes and put towels on the bed. I was having warm flashes (not really hot flashes), but the worst thing was the incredible pain I felt in every fiber of my body! I truly thought I had fibromyalgia, or something like that. It was HORRIBLE!! I would sit in a chair and moan from the pain - ibruprophen didn't touch it.

My family doctor recommended that I meet with the Pharmacist at Leesburg Clinic who was working with Dr. Lee. Very soon after that she saw that my symptoms were very advanced so she sent me to Dr. Lee. BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES CHANGED MY LIFE!!! First I want to say that Dr. Lee was the first doctor in a very long time who truly HEARD ME! He took my suffering very seriously and put me on an aggressive plan to help. Not long after starting this program of using the Estrogen Cream in the AM and the Progesterone at night, my symptoms completely left!! I just can't tell you what a blessing Dr. Lee has been to me! He has really worked hard to treat my symptoms. I love the way he gives me a 'range' of cream that I can use based on my symptoms - he allows me to monitor my symptoms and treat them, within a specific range, to the degree I need to treat them.

Another WONDERFUL thing about the progesterone is the weight-loss effect it seems to have! Dr. Lee explained to me that most of the weight women gain in menopause is actually fluids! The progesterone has kept that at bay, plus it helps me sleep at night.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Lee, and about his method of treating menopausal symptoms. I feel great and am deeply grateful to God that He led me to Dr. Lee.

- K. D.