The following is a testimonial from one of Dr. Lee's patients.

Dear Dr. Lee,

I know I have told you in person but I wanted to send you a note of great thanks and appreciation. You were the first doctor to really listen to my concerns and who really wanted to help me.

I had started fertility treatments in April of 2004 and stopped in January 2007. 2007 was a very sad and lethargic year for me. I just did not feel right, could not shake my depression, and absolutely could not motivate myself to much of anything. My relationship with my husband, although strong, was certainly tense (mostly for him, because I was too sad to really notice). During this time I certainly did not feel very feminine at all, not only was I unable to get pregnant but I really did not feel very “girly” either. After meeting with you in April 2008 and having a hormone panel completed, you indentified in 2 months what other doctors dismissed for years – I was greatly deficient in several hormones and vitamins, and I had Hypothyroidism. I think I actually cried tears of joy when you told these things, because it proved I was not crazy for feeling the way I had been feeling for so long.

After six months in your great care I am feeling better than I have since my twenties. My husband, family, and friends have also noticed a huge difference in my personality, for the better. I have greater control over my emotions and am much more focused and motivated to get things accomplished.

Thanks you so much for really wanting to help me. I am forever thankful.