The following is a letter from one of Dr. Lee's patients.

Since my first treatment with Dr. Lee's Lipoderm Treatment things are starting to change. I have a condition called NASH, which is basically fatty liver disease. My first and most amazing feeling is that fact that my liver pain has not been near as bad. The very next day after my first treatment I had no pain in the liver area at ALL. This is a big thing for me, since I've suffered with this condition for about the last 8 years. How wonderful not to have the pain. The pain has continued to be very light or not at all.

Also, my clothing has become loose fitting in the area of treatment. Believe me there is a difference in just a few inches of fat. I hope to continue to lose the fat and inches with the help of Dr. Lee's Lipoderm Treatment. Not to mention hopefully cure the fatty liver disease that is causing my pain.

D. O.